What size are the Dark Hampton scarves?
Cashmere modal scarves are 120 x 120cm

Wool Blanket scarves are 210 x 50cm 

What are the scarves made of?
Our scarves are 90% Modal and 10% Cashmere. Choosing the right fabric was so important to us. We wanted a product that felt beautiful, but was environmentally sustainable and was produced with consideration to the welfare of the animals and people involved. 

Modal is a wood pulp fibre, generally produced from beech trees. Beech trees are used because the beech forest is a completely sustainable source. The beech trees multiply via 'rejuvenation' which means they pretty much grow themselves and no planting or irrigation is required. They put down deep roots which improve the soil and are extremely resistant to pests and environmental damage. 

Our cashmere is high grade cashmere, and is sourced from well raised and healthy goats, which lives freely on the mountains and grasslands of Inner Mongolia.

Our wool blanket scarves are 50% Australian lambswool, 50% Australian wool. The lambswool makes the scarf beautifully soft.

How do I care for my scarf?
Our Dark Hampton scarves are delicate and need to be handled with care. If your scarf needs a clean then you can handwash in cold water, line dry in the shade and use a cool iron. Or it can be drycleaned. 

How much is shipping?
Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is free. There is a $6 charge for rural delivery within NZ.  We deliver Worldwide. It is $35 international shipping to the rest of the world. 

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